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The Purchase of a Ranch - Blog Two

The Purchase of a Ranch - Blog Two
July 8, 2022

After looking at a number of houses we found a middle ground. Beth was ok with the house, it had a pool and decent interior. I was satisfied there was enough immediate garage space for the cars I had in Texas and enough space to eventually move my ‘stuff and cars' from Albuquerque. Beth said ok as long as you don't plan to move everything from Albuquerque. SELL some stuff I hear everyday. So we are looking at this ranch and my first statement to the owners before we made an offer was ‘I know a little about Mustangs, if they have 289 in them.' The reply was ‘no problem, we have a very good trainer and she knows all about this place and all about horses'. The ranch was called Broken Heart Ranch. The owner said at all events most of the contestants go home with a broken heart. Frankly after being here two months I think the name was deserved but for an entirely different reason.

How do you interview a trainer who is essential to a major purchase decision? How do you — well, read and laugh at our process. The trainer, Winter, is a lovely Christian person. She and her daughter and son were living on their own ranch with her mother when circumstances caused a family disruption. Winter and Winter's mother Ivy, the retired Veterinarian, were looking for a ranch to purchase when they crossed paths with the prior owner of our new ranch. As it happened Winter agreed to do her training out of Broken Heart Ranch in exchange for use of the pasture and some help around the place- that is what I was told at the time.

Winter's life is horses. She is training her daughter to be a horse and rider trainer just like her mother taught her and her grandmother taught her mother. Confused yet? Keep reading as it all will be disclosed. I was able to corner Winter a couple of times during our visits to the ranch before purchase. I took an instant liking to her east Texas drawl, her honesty and obvious knowledge of horses. Beth and I knew we would be traveling between Albuquerque and the ranch, as such security was high on our priority list. Having an onsite trainer made security less of an issue. But, how could we be comfortable Winter would stay? I was told trainers have a habit of changing location. We couldn't be sure so we took her at her word, plus we planned to make her a deal that would be too good to be true! She took us at our word and stayed at the ranch through the horrendous closing period.

We sold the Lindale house within two weeks of closing on the ranch..the fun begins.

I've stayed here several times. Easy, quick access from I-20. Nice place.

Rodney N.