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It's Still Raining - Blog Twenty-Six

It's Still Raining - Blog Twenty-Six
January 24, 2024


Missed some blog time lately.  I have a billion excuses.  Two that stand out recently are a complete knee replacement and freezing rain.  The knee was my choice on a stern recommendation from my orthopedic doctor.  Interesting, after the surgery I asked him how the knee looked.  He smiled and said “It looked like crap!  You should have done this 3-4 years ago.”

The freezing rain was not my fault, but my problem to solve.  We had 6 separate water line breaks.  It was only out of necessity I got enough fixed to water the horses.  Well, actually I had a backup plan.  The day before the weather hit, I purchased a 275-gallon water tote.  I rinsed it thoroughly and mounted it on a small trailer.  So, I knew in an emergency we could bucket fill the horse water.  Clearly something no one was looking forward to.

Back up to fixing the water leaks. We had one out front where we’ve never had issues.  I couldn’t turn the derned water off at the incoming water meter.  I called a plumber we had used before and I called the water district.  Such nice people tend to your needs in emergencies. Turns out the busted water line was sourced from the well. The plumber shut off the well and capped the leak.  Just as we got the leak capped a lady from the water district and her husband showed up.  She was wearing flannel PJ’s and apologized that she hadn’t expected a call out late Saturday afternoon.

I asked the plumber to come back on Monday.  I told him I wanted the barn water system fixed. I didn’t go all the way to tracing all pipes, but they replaced all pvc with pex.  And, we only had one water source in the arena to wet it.  So, they trenched across the arena and put in another valve.  Yes, I had them use frost proof valves.

Bet this will be a pretty penny %F0%9F%98%8A

We brought in nine horses today. Good place here everything was set up for us. And, we could easily move our large trailers around.

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