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Lazy Day - Blog Twenty-Seven

Lazy Day - Blog Twenty-Seven
February 19, 2024

Garideth, my good buddy and hired muscle, has been out for a few days.  His grandpa had a mild stroke so Garideth and his brother have been filling in.  I think his grandpa does some work at a garage and has a mowing service.   When we first moved to the ranch we hired him to mow.  That meant two of his grandsons mowed and he supervised.  One of the kids was Garideth.

Somedays ya just don’t feel like doing a derned thing.  Bethy and I fed the cows this morning and nothing else has been accomplished.  Beth did go down to the barn to assure the horses were cared for - they were.   She also found out that the procedure scheduled for Winter today was postponed because Winter had low blood pressure.   Winter is in the hospital.   She has been arguing with insurance for weeks.  She has gall bladder issues and needs it removed.  Turns out she also has Hepatitis A.  She didn’t get the shot when she was younger.  Her mom found her swelled up like a balloon and rushed her to urgent care who then had an ambulance take her to the hospital.   She is doing well but can’t do her chores for a while.  We went by to see her Friday.  Lots of people here to pick up the slack.

Sorry for Winter, prayers are encouraged.

Back to my lazy rump.  I just don’t have any energy.   Beth says it is because I doubled up on blood pressure med -at the advice of my PA.  I need to find a happy middle ground. Tomorrow I’ll be fit as a fiddle because Garideth and his brother are coming to clear out some beaver dams and by goodness I can work with anyone when challenged!  I did do a lot of road work in the last couple days.  You need just the right amount of moisture.  Right after a rain, roads are mud, three days later they are cement.

Nice place! Grandkids enjoyed the trail ride.

Tranquilino E.