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Pricing - Blog Four

Pricing - Blog Four
July 22, 2022

Pricing our services. We had the sellers price list. We asked Ivy to check competitor pricing. And, we faced inflation and Texas drought conditions impacting our costs specially for hay. Yep, we learned horses eat regardless of how often they are ridden.

Note to self -explain what else horses do on a continuous basis later.

We have decided to reduce our offerings at this point. The banquet room won't be offered. Those who know about it or who ask for that service will get a date specific, insurance specific quote. We decided not to offer the outdoor arena until we cleaned it properly. We simplified, we don't add a fan price to the stalls, we include a fan with the stalls. We justified price increases based on real needs. Specifically boarding requires hay and/or labor and those costs definitely had gone up since sellers price list was developed.

We decided fairness was critical. Existing boarders would remain at current pricing for at least 6 months.

At this point 5:15 in the morning lying in bed writing this up I ask why am I doing this? Well Tiffani suggested it might be interesting, certainly it will help me remember what was going on during the hectic times and possibly it may help others who are stepping (or considering stepping) into the unknown a little. I do believe many of the questions and decisions are made daily by new business owners regardless of what type business.

Hopefully, Tiffani will give us a way to share comments on these topics. Sorry that was a side note that popped into my over taxed mind just now.

Nice place! Grandkids enjoyed the trail ride.

Tranquilino E.