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Our First Signage - Blog Three

Our First Signage - Blog Three
July 15, 2022

We had a small business before and understood the importance of a logo. We also knew travelers would need a place to find out about overnight boarding hence a website. Clever Mutt to the rescue! Tiffani at Clever Mutt became our go to person for web and logo design. A shameless plug for Clever Mutt.

This is the first sign we had made with our logo.

Whe Signage

Our rationale was that Wild didn’t signify the condition of our trainer’s horses but the spirit we wanted -open and accepting and free to enjoy your horse both in the arena and on trail rides.

We surprised Tiffani by having pictures and verbiage on her deadline.  She told us many customers were slow in providing her these things.  Frankly at this point our heads were spinning so popping out verbiage seemed easy.   Tiffani told us to get pictures and to build quotes from customers.  Remember word of mouth is the best sales tool.   We did ask each customer if they would allow pictures and give us a quote.  Most were very obliging!  Thank you to everyone who did.  Today is July 21 and we have seen the draft of the website, thank you Clever Mutt.  Now our job is to incorporate what we have learned in the last five weeks into what we thought when we gave Tiffani our thoughts five weeks ago.

Our first sign has been replaced by more permanent signage.

Whe Permanent Sign

I've stayed here several times. Easy, quick access from I-20. Nice place.

Rodney N.